I found Empower Fitness one month ago and I’m hooked!! Emlynn is an amazing instructor! Her cardio circuit and boot camp classes change daily – I’ve never had a repeat workout! She is very attentive to every person in the class, ensuring that our form & posture allow for safe and optimal workouts. Her workouts kick butt and I’m already noticing the impact after only one month!

– Sarah Porat

I just wanted to let you know how much I appreciate your encouragement, patience, skill, and much-needed doses of wit.   You have a unique ability to know just exactly hard to push me without going too far.   As you know, when we started I was pretty much in the dark in terms of fitness.  This has been a journey from more than a bit of fear, to starting to feel, “OK this might really work,” to actually looking forward to our sessions.

The past 2 years have changed my life in all sorts of positive ways.  A bunch of little aches and pains have completely disappeared.  I can’t believe how much stronger and flexible I am. There’s been a huge improvement in my energy and endurance.  I’ve lost about 15 pounds and at least 5 inches off of my waist.  Who knew that I would discover fitness in my 60s.  So, all of this is to offer you a much-deserved thank you.  I look forward to continuing this adventure with you in the coming year.

– George Choquette

“I have been training with Emlynn for a little over a year. I began to feel results immediately, particularly with my level of energy, and kept seeing improvements in the weeks that followed.

After about six months of working out between two and three times per week, I found out I was expecting a baby. I have continued my workouts and Emlynn has been so knowledgeable about the best modifications to suit each stage. I attribute much of my smooth pregnancy to being in shape at the start and staying active throughout. I am so appreciative of Emlynn’s guidance and expertise!

Boot camp has been such a great challenge with a really wonderful, supportive community. I wholeheartedly recommend Emlynn and Empower Fitness. No matter your level of fitness, Emlynn is simply amazing and you will feel amazing. Thank you for everything, Em!”

– Lauren Harris