Personal Training


We also offer one-on-one training at Empower. A personal trainer facilitates a workout that is based on the clients’ individual goals. We have an educated, fun group of personal trainers that specialize in weight loss, muscle toning / strength training, olympic lifting, and lifting for seniors. I’m sold already, let’s do this!

New members often use personal training to help them get back into the groove of working out again.  Your personal trainer will help you to establish a strong core foundation that is key to overall health and gaining more strength. The personal attention  will help you to progress at a steady and safe rate so that you can get the maximum benefits of your workout!  As a result, YOU GET RESULTS!

On the other spectrum, current athletes will often use personal training in conjunction with their group fitness classes to help them fine tune their form on more complex movements like the snatch, cleans, & jerks, etc.

Semi-Private Personal Training


Semi private sessions can include anywhere from 2-4 clients in a group. Semi-private personal training is designed to facilitate the general goals of the group. However, your trainer will also modify the workout according to each individuals fitness levels and needs.  The workload and intensity will be appropriately challenging for each individual in the group no matter where they are in their fitness journey.

Semi privates are awesome because you get the benefits of a Personal Trainer at half the cost and you get to workout with your friends!

Don’t have a group?  Not a problem, we might have a group that has an extra space!